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Lena Strebkova

Say, hi! My name’s Lena Strebkova. The photographer. But not only… . For more than 10 year I’m going crazy about healthy diet. Buy the way, do you know the original meaning of this word?! On Latin and Greek its much more wider than just a food ration. Dieta or δίαιτα means «way of life» in general. That is why, healthy diet includes: 

  • sleep (8 hours at least)
  • workouts (including healthy rest stretching/running/walking)
  • clean/organic eating
  • high spirit

I went through many trails and stereotypes before complete realization of importance of right food habits. The way from traditionally mayo salads with bread&butter and permanent «rest» in front of the TV-set to simple, 100% organic meals and everyday workouts. Therefore i can positively say, that it’s possible, even in terms of leaving in a big city. All you need is a drop of self-organization, discipline & will power to refuse from harmful in favor of good. As a part of community of clean eaters i will try to lead you on this way, telling you about healthy living! If you are completely sure in the desire to join us, FIRST thing you’d better do is to forget about all junk food. D'you know why?!  All those chips and candies, fizzy drinks and cheese snackes that overload the food shops, frankly speaking, are neither tasty nor healthy. The secret ingredient which makes all the  packed macdonald «delicious» for us - is monosodium glutamate (E621). 

NOTE:Don’t mix it with glutamine  acid which is naturally formed in the prepared and fermented food.

The Wiki says, that it is a sodium salt of glutamateacid. In a pure form Monosodium glutamate is just an unscented white powder or crystals with no personal flavour. But in combination with other ingredients glutamate powder get one of the most popular and disputable flavors which is called «umami» (jap. 旨味- delicious taste). You may probably interested weather E621 is dangerous or not, cuse there are so many rumors around it. Officialy, according to American Food and Drug Administration (FDA),  Monosodium glutamate is «generally recognized as safe (GRAS). However, still it is not listed by any international organization as a completely safe food additive or an additive with a minimum level of a danger (NOAEL or LOAEL).But, also, there’s a version of millions ordinary people, that, to my mind, sounds more affirmative.

The synthetic food additive E621 is toxic. It has excessive effect of enxiety on brain cages. Regular consumption of sodium glutamate, can provoke irreversible changes, especially on teens, children and pregnants. By influence on taste buds,  E621 causes a kind of food dependence, obstructing perception of natural food flavour.  That fact can lead to obesity and numbers of concomitant diseases like allergies or asthma, digesting problems and gastritis.Today Monosodium glutamate is widely used in food industry. All kinds of tinned goods, ready made food, snackes, souses, sausages, and other prepacked meet, according the law may contain it. So, if you are not ready yet to refuse all this stuff, check the list of ingredients. 

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