CleanEater of the day: Ksenia

Ksenia Kondratieva 27 years young.

Was born in Ekaterinburg, Russia and for the past 12 years live in Miami, FL USA. At this moment, she is establishing herself as yoga, Pilates and fitness instructor as well as a health couch in Miami area. In Miami she live with her loves - amazing boyfriend (who she test all of her yoga classes and food recipes on) and lovely chihuahua Maria.

Ksusha palmi

About me: "I love cooking healthy, vegan food, take long walks in the nature, practice yoga and do barre classes, read, travel and help others."

How long have you been Vegan?

A little more than a year

How did you come to this?

It has been a long road full of experiments, learning, mindfulness at time and not so much, mistakes, going back to eating everything. I think what truly gave me a start to the healthy life was my instruction to yoga and meeting a friend who was responsible for my introduction with yoga almost 11 years ago.

What do your closest people (friends, family, relatives) think about your way of life?

My family fully support me, they don't always understand everything but are very positive towards everything I do. It is often that I find misunderstanding from random people, sometimes even friends but this misunderstanding is usually shown by questions and attempts to understand why I became "vegan" rather than negativity.

What positive changes happened to you once you became Vegan and CleanEater?

Many positive changes happened, such as clean, bright skin, toned muscles, tons of energy that comes from within and not from coffee. Also, in the past I was a huge fan of chocolate and coffee, once I became Vegan I was able to get rid of these habits. I can live free without coffee and chocolate now! I no longer experience a sudden crush of energy in the middle of the afternoon, I am full of energy all day. Headaches and fatigues disappeared. I think all together I became a better person, more positive, friendlier, kinder. my 27 I look better and younger than when I was 20!

MIsha Ksusha

Any tips for a beginners?

Be open to changes, to new things! Do not try to change everything at once, listen to your body and slowly, step by step change your diet and lifestyles. Do not try to copy someone else, remember that everyone's body so different! Most importantly remember why you are making all of the changes and do not let anyone to tell you any different. Do not pay attention to those people who will constantly tell you that you are doing "God know what"! Trust me, there will be tons of negative people like that on your way to changes! This is exactly why you need to know exactly for who and why you have decided to change your life.

What is your favorite dish?

Wild rice with tomatoes, spinach, avocado, lime juice and sweet potatoes for dinner. In the morning I like to enjoy smoothies, my favorite one is made from bananas, pears and almond milk. Ofcourse, I do not see my day without a huge bowl of spinach salad! My favorite deserts are baked apples with cinnamon and chocolate avocado mousse.


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