CleanEater of the day: Tanya Mint

Tanya Smirnova

Photo and video blogger from Saint - Petersburg enjoying life with one man and two sphynx cats.

mintAbout me: "I am open to everything new! My dream is to travel around the world, preparing delicious vegan food, I like to run and I get very happy when I run into a good yoga teacher!"

How long have you been vegan?

4 years

How did you come to this?

I first started with the raw food diet with the aim of healing the body and weight loss, and eventually came to the conclusion that veganism is enough for me to be adequate in my diet. It is important to listen to your body, not just blindly follow the rules, in which it is easy to get lost as it is. On the road to health, I imbued with tremendous compassion for animals, which people use in the food industry, and other areas such as clothing production and testing of chemicals, cosmetics, and all this without special need really. This is sad. People have developed bad understanding between a happy cow on a meadow and steak on the plate. I think if a person makes a choice in favor of meat and dairy products, it must be mindful. People should have a clear understanding and see for themselves how this happy cow on green meadow turns into steak on their plate. It would be nice to watch couple of movies and read some books on this topic. If you agree with it and it suits you, than I do not mind. Everyone is free to make their own choice.

What do your friends and family think about your diet?

There were different stages, most likely all the people that are close to us pay careful attention to any of the changes and periods of our life. They show worry and understanding because they love us and wants us to succeed but at the same time they automatically project new rules for themselves, some people accept it, some don't. My family mother, father, grandmother, they eat traditionally but that doesn't mean that we love each other less than before. We just respect the choice of each person in our family. Of course, we have come to this in time, there were disputes and rejection, but it's all a matter of time and invaluable experience. As for my boyfriend, we are "in the same boat".

What positive changes have occurred in your life after the transition to veganism?

There are many changes that happened starting from the physical improvement of my body to my health. My emotions have changed in a positive way, my whole world and outlook on life changed completely. I'm just a different person!

mint and boy

Tips for beginners?

My main advice is to do everything slowly and be very attentive to your feelings and sensations in your body. Refer to any new information wisely, checking everything yourself. Do not be upset if something goes wrong, because in reality everything is going exactly the way it should be, trust me!

Favorite dish?

There are so many and all of them are so different, it all depends on my mood that day! But what I can rarely refuse is banana ice cream, for sure!

mint boxes


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# Nice to meet Tanya!Alex 2015-11-16 16:36
Thanx for the interview! Glad to meet this beautiful people! Good luck to you! :-)
# RE: CleanEater of the day: Tanya MintOlly 2016-11-13 22:42
Too bad she is not vegan anymore... a clear example for a "i follow the vegan trend for a while"

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