A mixture of super foods for a healthy and beautiful skin, with wrinkles or skin problems

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This recipe is a mixture of super foods, specially designed for the skin, its effect will be seen on your face. 

If you have skin problems or wrinkles, this recipe is for you.


I was often plagued small allergic rashes on the face, the worst thing that I could not understand what the problem is, because there was no visible reason, any genetic or physical.
Making allergy test I learned that I have an allergy to decorative cosmetics of oil products, the list includes all our favorite brand «Chanel», «Dior», «Givenchy», «Guerlain», «Tom Ford» and etc., In general, all cosmetics from mass market for me now taboo.
Now I use an organic or mineral makeup or makeup free. Thrown out of the house all favorite decorative cosmetics, I forgot about my problems, and to accelerate healing and obtain illuminated porcelain smooth skin I create this recipe. It is also helps to cope with age-related changes and wrinkles.
Whatever good and expensive cream you buy, maybe it's even 100%organic, but nutrients work better from inside.



Chia seeds
Acai Berries


1. Grind rosehip , you can use dried fruit, all the rest is sold in the form of a powder, chia seeds can be left as it is.
2. Mix all ingredients in equal proportions.
3. Use one teaspoon to every meal with tea, porridge, soup or salad.

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