Healthy Vegan Brunch in "Good Enough" Moscow by CleanEaters.Com


It is very easy to eat tasty and healthy! We never miss an opportunity to show it and feed friends and family with healthy meals from our cook book.In November, our project served healthy vegan brunch in Good Enough cafe, Moscow

It was a great opportunity to introduce people to the food that cooked without salt and oils. And to give everyone their own food experience in a health way.

From 11 am to 4 pm, we were served for the guests our healthy meal "Baked squash with quinoa and avocado mousse with basil".

It was so nice to see the reaction of the people, because we wanted to show that the vegan food - is not boring, but also very beautiful, in addition to being delicious!
Before starting the dish everyone take the phone and took a photo!

It is very important for us that all plates went back empty, there wasn't leftovers!

The following events will take place in France, Belgium and Germany in the beginning of 2016.

Stay tuned!

CE brunch

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