NO SECRETS of natural beauty



Every woman sooner or later reflects on how to prolong their youth and beauty.

So let's look at what will help us in this!
Personally for me, the formula is simple: 
beauty = health! 

Natural life with Olga NikolaevaOlga

Here's a list of what helps us to stay and become beautiful:

- healthy eating
- physical activity
- water balance
- sleep
- beauty care and cosmetics

The first thing is nutrition. Healthy, balanced diet - whole plant based food, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Do not forget the avocado, which you can not only eat with a spoon, but make from it nourishing hair and face mask.

With points "physical activity", "water balance" and "sleep" I think everything is clear. Clean water for staying hydrated, 7 -9 full hours of sleep, and at least a daily exercises on fresh air will give your skin a healthy glow and elasticity.

Avoid dehydration. The body is under stress and as a result - wrinkles. So go ahead to the parks to walk, run and jump and do not forget a bottle of water!

In the last point of  "beauty care and cosmetics" I'm gonna share with you, my favorite tips.

The first things I refused to use are decorative cosmetics and conventional care products, such as those that strongly advertise on TV and glossy pages.

Often the big names on the packages can not quite promise you the beauty inside, they will only make your lips brighter, and defects of the skin elegancy MASKed. But all that we put on are penetrates into the skin and then into blood.

But the good news for those who feels uncomfortable without mascara on the eyelashes and blush - now there are many brands of ethical cosmetics that promise not to fertilize its with chemistry and do not test on animals.

But with beauty care products everything is even more simple - you can make them by yourself!
For example, for washing and a deep cleaning a couple of times a week I use scrubs. My favorites are:

soda + coconut oil


1. Just mix baking soda and cold pressed coconut oil, apply to the face, moisten with water and gently massage.
2. You can hold a couple of minutes and rinse. Remove excess moisture with paper towel (I recommend to use them in order to avoid of bacterias on the regular towels).

honey + cinnamon


1. Check for allergies to honey before using.
3. Then prepare: tablespoon of honey plus half teaspoon cinnamon, or a little more. Mix and apply on face. Hold for 5-10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

As a daily washing routine I wash my face with pure (not tap) water, and then wipe my face with a rose water. My skin loves it.

For body care best for me is a cold/hot shower and coconut or cocoa oil after.

For hair care I often use for a shampoo: dry mustard with the addition of soda. Rinsed with cold water with lemon. A conditioner is only natural! Recently I bought a conditioner, composed of only a delicious and simple ingredients. Once a week I indulge natural masks. My favorite is avocado with olive oil. The total moisture!

This is my NO SECRETS of natural beauty! Stay healthy and beautiful!

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